Separation Anxiety Training For Dogs

100% Personalized Dog Training For You And Your Anxious Friend That Uses Only Positive Training Techniques For Lifelong Success.

Dog Separation Anxiety Programs

100% Personalized Dog Training For You And Your Anxious Friend That Uses Only Positive Training Techniques For Lifelong Success.

We can address many of the behaviours your dog might need to work on:

Puppy Training: House Training Going To Bathroom Outside

House Training

Puppy Training: Leash Pulling Nice Walking

Loose Leash Walking

Puppy Training: Running Away Bad Recall

Come When Called

Puppy Training: Jumping Up Greeting

Polite Greeting

Puppy Training: Chewing

Appropriate Chewing

Puppy Training: Biting

Gentle Play

Puppy Training: Stealing Food & Counter Surfing

Four On The Floor

Puppy Training: Table Etiquette, Food & Begging

Food Manners

Puppy Training: Leash Aggression


Dog Separation Anxiety Training Programs Toronto

Whether you have a new puppy or rescue in the family, or a canine friend whose distress at being alone has been a long standing issue, change is possible.

Depending on the severity of the fear based behaviours, we have to start by thinking in months, not weeks. But the freedom and peace you and your dog can gain are immeasurable.

Separation Anxiety Protocol involves an initial assessment done via an online platform. We do this online so that your end of the connection can become a video window into your true world without the added variable of a trainer in your home.

After that, you will embark on 5 days/week, 20-30 minutes a day of “missions.” (Training exercises). These missions will be recorded and the video will serve as an analysis point for us to assess progress and design next steps. Each morning you will receive a new mission.

Then we meet once per week for 30 mins to discuss, celebrate and collaborate on the next week of missions.

Separation Anxiety Dog Training Pricing:



4 Week Protocol


8 Week Protocol


"Claire was so professional from the get go. She is so patient and prepared with whatever Benito threw her way. I especially loved how personalized our sessions were and how conscious she was in making sure we were getting the most out of our sessions. Amazing follow ups and tools for both of us to succeed! I cannot explain how much working with her has helped us with finally enjoying our walks together."
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Jenn & Benito

So, How Exactly Are We Going To Train Your Rescue Dog?

Clicker training is a positive reinforcement-only method that makes use of a small, handheld, mechanical noisemaker called a 'clicker'. We make an association between the sound, and a reward. It’s a technique that has been used in cooperative care in zoos and in marine mammal training for decades and now it is giving us a clear and concise way to speak to our dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

I know you probably have a thousand questions about your rescue dog's training and I try to answer the most popular ones here.

If you have any questions that aren't mentioned here, please be sure to get in touch and I'll be happy to answer anything you'd like to know.

That’s great!

But your new rescue dog is in a new environment and needs to accommodate your schedule and so continuing his education makes sense.

With every day, either you are training your dog or your dog is training you!

Learning new techniques that will be applicable for your dog’s lifetime will allow you to tackle anything that comes up later with confidence.
That’s ok. It’s never too late to start.

It may take a couple of weeks in order to achieve that Light Bulb Moment, but the language of the clicker is understood so much faster in novice dogs than voice commands and verbal praise alone.
$365 for 5 sessions.

At Companion Avenue, you save $17/session when you opt for a package of 4 or more dog training lessons.

Each session in the package is just $73 for customized and personal attention.

Other private trainers may charge $100 or more per session.

And while group classes may be cheaper, you won’t get the in-home, one-on-one program that is designed for your unique family and dog.
Group classes have their pros and cons.

With private training, you get to address your unique needs one on one with a trainer who will take the time to make sure your skills are complete.

I also offer support between sessions which you would not find in a group setting.

Private training at Companion Avenue is 100% customized so that the lesson plan never covers behaviours that you don’t need.
While real change of an established problem behaviour takes time (think months, not weeks), you will be provided with management strategies to get you out of sticky spots immediately until the training can take shape.

Remember that your dog is only doing what he believes to work and we are about to change the rules.

It’s like therapy; it will involve feelings for your dog that we will need to work through.
No, the clicker is a teaching tool that is invaluable for learning new behaviours, but once the skill is solid for the dog, a verbal marker such as “yes” can be substituted.

You’ll need to continue to reinforce your dog to keep the behaviour strong, but you aren’t married to the clicker indefinitely.
Yes and no.

As we continue to manage the pandemic, outdoor spaces are ideal. If you have a yard or quiet outdoor space near your home, I can meet you there.

This is best while the weather is good.

There are no cancelation penalties for weather related rescheduling.

A park, however, is not a suitable option for a dog who is just beginning his or her training as there are too many distractions.

If your home does not have a suitable space, you can come to my training studio near Lawrence and Don Mills, or we can work virtually while you stay right at home.
The beauty of the clicker is that it lends itself to all ages and abilities.

If you are concerned about having to use your hands, a whistle can be substituted, and for those who worry that they cannot hear the clicker themselves, the feel of it is unmistakable.

I have experience working with people from the Deaf community and clients with ASD, and welcome those with other challenges.

If mobility is an issue, I can come to your home for the sessions as I routinely do so with any student.
Through clicker training, all is possible.

Preparation for Canine Good Neighbour testing and St. John’s Ambulance therapy dog testing can begin once your have a few foundation behaviours well established.

I can also help you to prepare for a Rally Novice trial put on by the Canadian Kennel Club or a Trick Dog Title through Do More With Your Dog!
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Private Rescue Dog Training Lessons
Pricing & Packages

Save on the hourly rate with a 5 or 6 session package, save time with the "Day Training" option, these rescue dog training packages can accommodate the busiest people with the most hectic schedules.

All of the packages come with flexible scheduling, hours that don’t expire, and can take place at your home, my training area in North York, or by remote video.

Single Session

$ 90
  • Perfect For Refreshers
  • Address One Behaviour
  • Valid Until You Use It

4 Sessions

$ 292
  • Great For Getting Started
  • Best For Puppies
  • Valid Until You Use Them

5 Sessions

$ 365
  • My Most Popular Package
  • Best For Puppies
  • Valid Until You Use Them

6 Sessions

$ 438
  • Great For Problem Behaviours
  • Most Comprehensive
  • Valid Until You Use Them

Day Training

$ 500
  • I Do Your Homework
  • One-On-One With Trainer
  • Valid Until You Use It

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