About Companion Avenue

Learn More About Us And Why Our Dog Training Techniques Work So Well.

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About Companion Avenue

Learn More About Us And Why Our Dog Training Techniques Work So Well

Meet your local professional dog training team, serving Durham, York Region, Scarborough, Toronto and Etobicoke

Claire Kobayakawa : Owner, Companion Avenue

Claire Kobayakawa

Claire is the owner and administrator of Companion Avenue and is a certified dog trainer and groomer who has been working in the pet care industry since 2001. As a dog trainer, she has found the teaching skills she gained through her study of music pedagogy to be invaluable. She offers a compassionate and thorough understanding of the difficulties faced by new dog owners in urban settings, and has helped many a new pet parent to navigate those first few weeks smoothly and successfully.

Lisa Harris Bio

Lisa Harris

Lisa started her life in dogs 30 years ago as a dog groomer. Her days working with dogs were put on hold as she raised her son and daughter, and she has now re-entered the industry in the capacity of a dog trainer. She has now completed her certification with Canine Academy and holds a specialty certificate in Separation Anxiety treatment. While away from her career in dogs, Lisa spent 25+ years in the financial industry, bringing customer service to a whole new level with her desire to assist above all else. Lisa particularly enjoys working with exuberant and joyful dogs to teach them that calm behaviour can be rewarding too!

Datta Sai Borra

Datta Sai Borra is a passionate dog trainer driven by an enduring love for canine behavior. His journey began with his first canine companion, Molly, whose presence ignited his fascination with dogs. He went on to study Positive Reinforcement and Operant Training in Hyderabad with Jaana Rahamaki and Karita Böstrom in the Chicken Training Program, where he learned the virtues of patience and composure, laying the groundwork for his approach to dog training. With six years of experience, he has encountered diverse breeds and temperaments. He continues, however, to find his true delight in nurturing the potential of puppies, moulding them into beings of unwavering happiness, obedience, and zest for life. His ultimate goal is to create a stress-free world for all dogs, fostering unbreakable bonds between pet parents and their furry friends. Empowering owners with positive reinforcement tools, patience, and dedication. “I dream of a world where no dog is abandoned due to solvable issues. Each day, I strive to guide dogs and owners to a harmonious existence of boundless joy, trust, and camaraderie.”

Datta Sai Borra Dog Trainer Bio

Why Hire A Certified Dog Trainer?

Dog professionals who have earned their KPA CTP or PDTC have been through extensive training, use only positive reinforcement training methods and are experts in clicker training.

They are dedicated to continuing education and must uphold a standard of excellence.

Currently, dog trainers are unregulated, so a trainer who has invested the time and tuition to voluntarily achieve certification is the kind of individual you’ll want to work with.

And when you hire a Certified trainer, you can be sure that the help you receive is useful, kind, knowledgeable and professional.

"Claire was so professional from the get go. She is so patient and prepared with whatever Benito threw her way. I especially loved how personalized our sessions were and how conscious she was in making sure we were getting the most out of our sessions. Amazing follow ups and tools for both of us to succeed! I cannot explain how much working with her has helped us with finally enjoying our walks together."
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Our Services

Private Dog Training Lessons
Pricing & Packages

Save on the hourly rate with a 5 or 6 session package, save time with the "Day Training" option, these dog training packages can accommodate the busiest people with the most hectic schedules.

All of the packages come with flexible scheduling, hours that don’t expire, and can take place at your home, my training area in North York, or by remote video.

Single Session

$ 100
  • Perfect For Refreshers
  • Address One Behaviour
  • Valid For 12 Weeks

4 Sessions

$ 360
  • Great For Getting Started
  • Best For Puppies
  • Valid For 12 Weeks

5 Sessions

$ 450
  • My Most Popular Package
  • Best For Puppies
  • Valid For 12 Weeks

6 Sessions

$ 540
  • Great For Problem Behaviours
  • Most Comprehensive
  • Valid For 12 Weeks

Day Training

$ 270
  • I Do Your Homework
  • One-On-One With Trainer
  • Valid For 12 Weeks

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