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100% Personalized Dog Training That Uses Only Positive Techniques For Lifelong Success.

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100% Personalized Dog Training That Uses Only Positive Techniques For Lifelong Success.

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What is "Clicker Training"?
It's based in science.

Clicker training is a positive reinforcement only method that makes use of a small, handheld, mechanical noisemaker called a clicker. First, the noise of the clicker is paired with a reward, such as a food treat. The dog makes an association between the sound and good things about to be delivered.

Now, we can use the clicker’s noise to tell him when he is doing something we really like. It’s like taking a picture of that moment when he performs well.

Clicker training is more effective and efficient than praise or treats alone. One of the many reasons is that our dogs hear our voices all the time. But the sound of the clicker is unique, precise and much more easily discernible to a dog. It is also more exact in its timing, and can help a dog to understand exactly which behaviour it was that you liked. There may be a delay in delivering a reward, but with a click, you can pinpoint that great thing he did.

Clicker training is based in the theory of Operant Conditioning. Have you ever heard of the scientist Pavlov who found that pairing a bell with his dog subjects’ food caused them to salivate at the sound of the bell alone? Well its like that. But we’re not going to tease or trick your dog. When she hears the click and anticipates a treat, she will also get that reward.

"Claire was so professional from the get go. She is so patient and prepared with whatever Benito threw her way. I especially loved how personalized our sessions were and how conscious she was in making sure we were getting the most out of our sessions. Amazing follow ups and tools for both of us to succeed! I cannot explain how much working with her has helped us with finally enjoying our walks together."
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Pricing & Packages

All training packages come with flexible scheduling, hours that don’t expire, and can take place at your home, my training area in North York, or by remote video.

Single Session

$ 100
  • Perfect For Refreshers
  • Address One Behaviour
  • Valid For 12 Weeks

4 Sessions

$ 360
  • Great For Getting Started
  • Best For Puppies
  • Valid For 12 Weeks

5 Sessions

$ 450
  • My Most Popular Package
  • Best For Puppies
  • Valid For 12 Weeks

6 Sessions

$ 540
  • Great For Problem Behaviours
  • Most Comprehensive
  • Valid For 12 Weeks

Day Training

$ 270
  • I Do Your Homework
  • One-On-One With Trainer
  • Valid For 12 Weeks

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